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Innovative supply unit
The right concept for your requirements Considerable time and much effort has been invested by us in this top quality supply unit technology development. Hospital infrastructure is of prime importance. Procedures are constantly being adapted to new requirements with the aim of reducing nursing costs. Available space must optimally used and flexibility ensured. Patient safety and the effectiveness of treatment results can be directly influenced by the supply unit. This benefits patient and staff alike. Custom ergonomic workstation design Our supply unit gives you the opportunity for conveniently connecting the various services close at hand to the patient and to ensure the free access and movement of hospital personnel around the patient. It affords efficient deployment around the patient where space is at a premium and where such factors as hygiene, safety and efficiency play such an important role, i.e. in an emergency department, operating theatres and in intensive care units. Naturally, this high quality technological unit can be advantageously used in normal health care areas. Application in an intensive care station Technology for today and the future. Operating the supply unit is simple and functional thus minimising potential error in the health centre. The supply unit height is controlled by means of a toggle switch. All manufactured elements are tested and certified and comply with prescribed standards and guidelines including standards of hygiene applicable to our own production in Switzerland. The supply unit is based on a modular concept. Anodised aluminium being the main material used. The materials used are state of the art technology and are approved for use in the health services. Easy and secure application Cost-effective and efficient service The retractable ceiling supply unit comprises of a lifting column, beams and a swivel arm system. The terminals are connected by plug in connectors. This ensures trouble free maintenance and an efficient and cost effective servicing. Versatility of application The desired functions can be built, if required, into a pivotal arm secured to the wall. Our supply unit is configured and equipped to order to suit the functionality you require: Power Data Gases Light Screen Foldable work surface Appliances
Data port application example Data transfer between various medical equipment is becoming increasingly important. Our modular system allows data cables of the appropriate prescribed industrial standards to be integrated. The data cable is routed separately. The connecting sockets can be increased up to five by means of a programmable switch.         Data port 2 In the extended position Data port 4 Security through modular design In the retractable ceiling supply unit, our power strip sockets are independently connected. This ensures that if one socket fails, the others remain available for use. Ceiling height variations make different demands on the flexibility of this ceiling- mounted technology. This problem is overcome by our modular based design.   Low ceiling setting Medium ceiling setting High ceiling setting Future proof slolutions Our supply unit provides an uncluttered free floor area for the positioning of patient equipment and accessories. This concept saves on valuable work space allowing for the optimisation of work processes, improved hygiene and safety. Our challenge We are committed; together, to find optimal solutions to your ergonomic working place design plans and problems. This supply unit adapts to your needs - and not vice versa. Our motivation is found in new challenges in the fast changing world of medicine. We are there for you when you need us We would be pleased to present our innovative supply unit and establish contact with our partner company, aluventos for you. With connected leads In preparation room   Deployment Power-, Data-, and Gases-configured We look forward to your hearing from you. aluventos a Swiss quality product
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